Join us in supporting Massage Therapy Regulation in Alberta

Whether you're a Massage Therapist, or not; local, or outside Alberta we welcome your support of our mission, vision and objectives. By joining us, you are showing your support for Massage Therapy becoming established under Alberta health legislation.

As a member, you'll receive current and timely information about the action we are taking to cause regulation of Massage Therapy in Alberta to become a reality.

There are 4 types of Members:

Practising Member - a Massage Therapist practising in Alberta
Public Member - any individual who is not a Practicing Member
Associate Member - any health care organization
Student Member - any individual who is enrolled in a Massage Therapy education program in Alberta

Currently, any type of membership costs $20 and is valid until December 31, 2019.  

Our membership fee is intentionally low to minimize any barrier to joining while recognizing that a non-profit organization has some fixed costs associated with operating. We are 100% volunteer run, without a large budget allocation for staffing or overhead. Suffice to say, your contribution will go directly towards the accomplishing the objectives of the organization. 

Interested in how to contribute more than your membership fees? Please contact us directly to learn about the benefits and details of being an ASCMT sponsor.