The Alberta Support Council for Massage Therapy (ASCMT) was legally incorporated as a non-profit society in early 2016 to further regulation of Massage Therapy in Alberta. 

Our mission is to ensure massage therapy is established under provincial health legislation, with a transition plan that provides the opportunity for any existing massage therapist to become a regulated health professional.

Our vision is that massage therapy in Alberta is regulated as a health profession, consistent with the current national competencies.

While it is recognized that the pursuit of Massage Therapy regulation in Alberta spans several decades, our intention is to act upon the
recommendations made by Alberta's Minister of Health in 2009. We aim to ensure that Massage Therapy becomes provincially regulated in a manner that protects the public interest of the citizens of Alberta, and yet is mindful of all existing practitioners intending to carry on with a professional Massage Therapy practice.

The ASCMT Directors are individuals who share the mission and vision, and all believe strongly in the objects of the organization. Our recent Annual General Meeting resulted in the following members being named to our Board.

Danielle Perreault
Rebecca Steele
Erin Vincent

There is a wealth of experience on the ASCMT Board. Over the years, many of our Directors have been actively involved in advocating for Massage Therapy to become a regulated health profession in Alberta.